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Open Summer of code is a 3 week programme in the Belgian cities of Kortrijk, Antwerp and Ghent during the summer of 2014. The goal: provide 20 to 25 Belgian based students the training, network and support necessary to transform 6 open innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

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Compronet / Zerk Zoeker

The Leiedal team is creating two applications. One called ‘Zerk Zoeker’ which will be the Google of tombstones in cemeteries on Mobile and infostands in West-Flemish cemeteries. The main assignment is working on ‘Compronet’, a Community Network Protection application for iOS and Android. This application for Kortrijk will use social media for crimefighting, by connecting emergency services with citizens nearby.


Westtoer has an application for people going to the Belgian seaside and want to more about what they can do during their stay. The application is available on web, Android and iOS. During #oSoc14 the website will be completely redesigned with a better UX and design. This project will enable a responsive webdesign that can be used on all platforms.

Belfort app

For Artoria we are building a native Android application for the Belfry of Ghent, with the aim to make the belfry a touristic hub. This augmented-reality application, based on the open source Mixare AR engine, will show the important landmarks of the city with a route planning integration for easy directions. This way we strive to add real value for tourists visiting Ghent, guiding them by using the best overview of the Ghent skyline.


iRail already had a make-over and hypermedia version earlier this year called hyperRail. During #oSoc14 we want to add new user-focussed features such as the ability to check-in onto a train and provide a oAuth2.0 single sign-on system that we can integrate into other 3rd party platforms using the same identity management as CityRoute.


Parents have a lot of different calendars to keep track of for their children. As team Code9000, we are creating EduCal, an interactive calendar management platform that allows schools to manage multiple calendars. These calendars can be downloaded by staff and parents as an iCal-file or pdf-file. This iCal-file can then be imported in their own agendas so that they can easily keep track of important dates or tasks.

Mobile Vikings

The Mobile Vikings team has two challenges as well. One is creating a geo-marketing application, enabling merchants using the CityLife platform to provide vouchers to their customers via QR-codes. The other application will provide a new user login integration for CityRoute using LinkID. This identity management system will also integrate with the iRail sign-in system.



Each week, #oSoc14 moves to a new location.

Map of Belgium

30 June — 4 July


7 — 8 - 22 - 23 July


11 July


9 - 10 - 24 — 25 July





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